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$10.8 Billion Announced During 2013 Clinton Initiative

Posted by WomensWorldPeace.com on September 28, 2013 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

New Commitments Totaling $10.8 Billion Announced During 2013 Clinton Global Initiative Meeting During the three days of this year's annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting, more than a hundred and sixty new commitments totaling almost $11 billion were announced to address a range of global challenges and improve the lives of an estimated 22.2 million people.


New commitments announced on the final day of the meeting included a pledge from Humanity United, in partnership with the Legatum Foundation and Walk Free, to establish a $100 million Freedom Fund to fight modern day slavery; a commitment from Liberty & Justice, together with the Eleos and TTSL Charitable foundations, Root Capital, Invested Development, and the Sorenson Impact Fund to launch Made in Africa, a network of social enterprise apparel factories; and a call to action by the Nike Foundation, in partnership with the NoVo and United Nations foundations, the International Center for Research on Women, and Girls Not Brides, to include adolescent girls in the post-2015 development framework.


In addition, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the African Wildlife Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Save the Elephants, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, and the Jane Goodall Institute announced a commitment to the Partnership to Save Africa's Elephants to end elephant poaching by addressing poaching, trafficking, and international demand.


Among other things, the commitments announced at the ninth annual CGI meeting will support efforts to prevent nearly 27 million metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, increase female enrollment in schools by more than two million girls, improve education for more than 11.6 million children, expand access to health services for nearly four million people, and invest more than $7 billion in small- and midsize enterprises.


"This year's commitments highlight the enthusiasm, creativity, and general characteristic of CGI members," said Bill Clinton. "They also reinforced our theme of 'mobilizing for impact.' So many partners have come together to increase their impact by drawing upon each other's strengths and creating new partnerships to truly put ideas into action: this is what CGI is all about. I am so grateful to everyone who joined us this year, whether in person or online, and who continue to work with us to create a better world."


“President Clinton, Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton Emphasize Optimism and Action on Closing Day of 2013 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting.” Clinton Global Initiative Press Release 9/26/13.

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Help Sustain the Legacy of the Legend!

Posted by WomensWorldPeace.com on February 12, 2013 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Anybody that recalls the 40 years of music and dance brilliance of the remarkable "Michael Jackson" also can remember that Michael was also the greatest "Celebrity Humanitarian" in the history of the world. The Guiness Book of World Records remembers Michael Jackson as not only the "King of Pop" but also the "King of Charity".


The Millenium issue listed the music legend under Most Charities Supported By A Pop Star, with a staggering 39 international organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Those are only the known ones however, as Michael Jackson was also prone to giving away impulsively and anonymously.


Jackson had been known to hand over the proceeds from concerts to local charities and hospitals as he did with the History tour in Bombay, or donate personal items for auction to organisations like UNESCO. Its been estimated he may have given up to $500 million to charity in his lifetime. That is a staggering "Half a Billion Dollars" which is more than the Top 100 Artists of All Time have given to charity combined!


In addition to his charity work, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had more Guiness World Records than any other artist, including Most Successful Concert Series and Biggest Selling Album for Thriller.

Women's World Peace Global Partnership co-founder, art director and director of marketing, Don Thornton is also marketing director and art director for the "Jackson Family Foundation". Michael Jackson's loving parents Katherine & Joseph Jackson formulated the "Jackson Family Foundation" in 2009 to not only "Preserve the "Legacy of Michael & the Jackson Family", but also to "Help Build Global Peace, Love & Unity".

Visit www.JacksonFamilyFoundation.com and learn more about our Women's World Peace Global Partners and their new Global Youth Academic Advocacy Campaign at www.UniPrice.com/en/Jacksons .


"Helping to Build a Lasting Global Peace, Love & Unity for All Mankind" 


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