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We have the ultimate respect for the true Soldiers of the World. We understand the courage and bravery it takes to protect our freedom and safety in any country. This Discussion is not about the integrity and the value of our fearless Soldiers. It's more about why mankind has to believe that we need to put soldiers in harm’s way in the first place?

Throughout the history of mankind, our male members of society have somehow managed to successfully participate in war, hate, robbing, pillaging, killing and destroying each other year-in and year-out over the same reoccurring issues over and over again. Those issues are usually based upon Religious Conflict, Conflict over Oil, Diamonds and Gold, Conflict over Race, Creed and Color and Conflict over Envy, Lust and even basic Jealousy.

Why does mankind continue to Conflict over the same issues over and over again and how can we step up our efforts to systematically "Modify Negative Human Behavior?" Please post your thoughts and ideas on how we can address this age old problem and maybe help put a new spin on how we can work together to resolve it.


A Women's World Peace Global Partnership "For Global Peace, Love & Unity".

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